The terror of the host supporters again disturbed the visitors. After previously befalling Persija Jakarta when visiting the PSM Makassar headquarters, it was now the turn of Persib Bandung who received the same treatment when visiting the Arema FC headquarters, Malang, East Java.

Persib travels to Malang to undergo a League 1 Shopee delay match at Kanjuruhan Stadium on Tuesday (07/30/2019). In this fight, Maung Bandung surrendered with a landslide score of 1-5.
Not only defeat that disappointed Persib. The Pangeran Biru team also regretted the various events they experienced before the match. Persib even officially reported Panpel Arema FC to PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as league manager.
As reported by the official website of Persib, there are five items in the letter number 22 / DIR-PBB / VII / 2019. One of them is related to acts of terror carried out by Arema FC supporters at the time Persib did official training the day before the match.
In his letter Persib said, a number of supporters of Arema FC lit firecrackers / firecrackers and spoke rudely towards the bus they were riding towards the hotel.
In addition, on Tuesday morning (02.30 WIB) supporters of Arema FC also lit firecrackers and firecrackers around the hotel where Persib was staying so that it disturbed the rest of the players. The hotel security officer failed to stop this action until it continued for 1 hour. According to Persib, the action has disturbed the physical condition of the players.
At the third point, Persib Bandung also reported delays in traveling to the match location.
In addition to PT LIB, this letter was also sent to Acting Chairperson of PSSI, Iwan Budianto, Secretary General of PSSI Center, Ratu Tisha Destria, Chairperson of the Indonesian Professional Sports Agency (BOPI) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Previously, Persija also experienced a similar incident when visiting PSM Makassar's home. Both teams plan to fight in the second leg of the Indonesian Cup final round on Sunday (7/29/2019). But PSSI later canceled it for security reasons.
Signal obscurity of the status of PSM vs Persija duel has actually been smelled since Saturday night (7/27/2019) afternoon WITA. Kemayoran Tiger's manager, Ardhi Tjahjoko asked the PSSI to change the match schedule because it did not get security guarantees from the host.
According to him, Persija felt threatened after two terrorists visited the capital city team while in Makassar. The first terror was experienced on Friday night. When Ismed Sofyan and his friends were fast asleep, suddenly there were sounds of firecrackers and knots of motorbikes roaring outside the hotel. But this incident did not last long.
Terror then continued in the afternoon. After the Tigers Kemayoran tested the grass of Andi Mattalatta Mattoangin in an official training session, the bus carrying Persija players was pelted until the glass broke. As a result, several people on the bus were victims, including two players, Ryuji Utomo and Marko Simic who were exposed to glass fragments.
Persija also feels uncomfortable with verbal attacks that are rampant through social media. On the basis of these events, Ardhi advised the PSSI to reschedule the match at a neutral venue. He also gave another option, namely the Kemayoran Tigers were willing to compete on schedule as long as it lasted without spectators.
PSSI has decided, this duel will be held on 6 August.
The following are five PERSIB applications signed by the Director of PT PBB, Teddy Tjahjono:

That on Monday, July 29, 2019 at 15.30-16.30 WIB, the PERSIB Bandung Team conducted an Official Training (OT) at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency. After the PERSIB Bandung Team carried out OT at the time of official & player boarding a tourist bus to return to the hotel, unscrupulous supporters of the Arema FC team lit firecrackers / firecrackers directed to the tourist bus and spoke harshly.
Whereas on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 02.30 WIB, individual supporters of the Arema FC team lit firecrackers / firecrackers around the hotel where the PERSIB Bandung Team stayed so that it disturbed the hours of sleep and official breaks and players of the Bandung PERSIB Team and hotel security officers could not stop the event turning on firecrackers / firecrackers that occur approximately 1 hour. This incident greatly affected the physical condition of the Persib Bandung Team players because their sleep and rest periods were very disturbed.
That on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at around 13.30 there was an agreement with the Arema FC committee that the Persib team would depart from the hotel at 15.30 by driving a bus to the nearest hotel from Kanjuruhan Stadium, to then move to the Police Rantis vehicle. However, the PERSIB Team still cannot leave for the Kanjuruhan stadium because of miscommunication by the panpel based on the Recommendation for the Crowd Permit No: Rek / 000099 / VII / YAN.2.1 / 2019DITINTELKAMKapolda (attached), so the Persib Team departs from the hotel at 16.29 using Rantis vehicles (although we don't agree to using Rantis vehicles to go to the Kanjuruhan stadium).
Attached are the videos of the events mentioned above.
The above incident is not the first incident, because last year, the head coach of the Bandung PERSIB Team also experienced bleeding in his head due to the throwing of bottles by Arema Malang supporters.

In connection with the foregoing, we request that PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) evaluate these events in the hope that there will be no inconvenient events, both to the Bandung PERSIB Team, and other clubs participating in the competition. PSSI Liga 1 2019.
Post Persib Bandung Publish Complaints to PSSI, Regarding the Terror Experienced by the Player is shown earlier at MIX News Ball. .

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