PSS Sleman is lucky to have a goal-hungry striker from Ukraine, Yevhen Bokhasvili. The player born in Dnipropetrovsk is one of the powerful weapons of the Javanese Eagle Team in navigating 2019 League Shopee.

The first time I tasted Asian and Indonesian football, Yevhen Bokhasvili immediately showed its quality. Sleman PSS did not wrongly recruit him, although at the beginning of the season it was doubtful because he had a history of injury.
With a striker's ideal posture, which is 186 cm, Yevhen is able to compete with foreign bombers owned by other teams. Evidently six goals were successfully scored by 26 players in nine matches with the Javanese Eagle Team.
Impressive appearance has not been replaced in the main PSS squad. Yevhen only lost to Persela Lamongan striker Alex dos Santos Goncalves who had scored 10 goals, striker Tira Persikabo Ciro Alves with 9 goals, and playmaker Arema FC Makan Konate who had packed 7 goals.
had the opportunity to interview a PSS Sleman player who had strengthened the Ukrainian Under-17 to U-21 national team on Wednesday (08/31/2019). The following are excerpts of the interview:
How is the impression for the first time playing in Asian soccer competitions, especially in Indonesia?
It is true this year my first career in Asia, and certainly in Indonesia. I feel something extraordinary now with PSS Sleman. I feel happy playing for this team.
How do you feel immediately become a mainstay by playing in nine matches with PSS?
I am happy to be able to help and contribute to the team. I am also grateful to the coach who has always provided opportunities to play.
How does it feel to be a temporary top scorer on the PSS team with 6 goals?
This is my job. That way I also have to prove myself. With a position as a striker, scoring goals has become a task. I am not too ambitious to have to score a lot of goals, but the most important thing is to help PSS win.
How do you view the atmosphere of PSS Sleman supporters, especially the Brigata Curva Sud (BCS)?
Honestly, PSS has an extraordinary supporter, it's hard to believe if you don't see it. We feel the support of those who are always there in every game, whether at home or away.
They help the team a lot in any situation. They make us always happy when winning and uplifting when we lose. I must express my gratitude to the supporters
What about the life and warmth of the people in Yogyakarta?
Yes, I'm enjoying Yogyakarta. The people are very kind and friendly. Although as a foreigner, I feel their warmth.

Seen when I was in a public place several times, like a restaurant, shopping center, or watching a movie, Yogyakarta residents always showed their hospitality.
Are there plans to become Indonesian citizens and play for the Indonesian national team?
I really like Indonesia. But, so far it has not been able to say anything to move citizenship or naturalization. I only have a contract with PSS until next December. We'll see everything later.
My current focus is on PSS. I hope to get a good achievement this season with PSS Sleman.
Yevhen Bokhasvili's post is happy to be able to join PSS Sleman shown earlier at MIX Berita Bola. .

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