Unique moment presented after Persebaya Surabaya 1-0 win over Persipura Jayapura in Week 12 of Shopee League 1 2019. Persipura coach, Jacksen Tiago, sang anthem Persebaya, Song for Pride, at Bung Tomo Stadium, Surabaya, Friday (2 / 8/2019).

Jacksen is a familiar figure for Persebaya fans and residents of Surabaya. He was recorded as a living legend of Bajul Ijo because he had brought the championship club during his time as a player and coach.
Initially, the Brazilian man was invited by mascot Persebaya, Jojo and Zoro, to go to the center of the field. As usual, all Persebaya players and coaching staff will circle in the middle of the field singing Song for Pride after the match with Bonek in attendance.
Jacksen was hesitant to join Jojo and Zoro's invitation. He looks rather reluctant because of his current status as an opponent coach. After asking for permission from the Persipura manager, Rudy Maswi, the 51-year-old coach blended in the middle of the field.
"I am grateful for the opportunity to gather with friends. That shows that my services with Persebaya were still remembered by Bonek and the people of Surabaya, "Jacksen said after the match.
"It is a pride for me personally. Everyone knows our bond is so strong. Many of our relationships are extraordinary. It's always fun when I come to Surabaya, "he added.
The Jacksen association with Persebaya and Surabaya is indeed very strong. He is now domiciled in Surabaya considering that his family, his wife and children live in this city.
Persebaya coach, Djadjang Nurdjaman, welcomed the presence of Jacksen with his team. The best man called Djanur was seen inviting Jacksen to chat while hugging.
Not infrequently the two laughed in the chat. Jacksen also introduced Hugo Samir, his son, to Djanur. They look like two trainers who have known each other for a long time.
"I am best friends with him. The same child is the same. I think it's fair, he's a Surabaya and a former Persebaya player. That's how it is. There is no conversation. He just gave me congratulations, "said Djanur.
Jacksen also received a welcome greeting from Bonek delivered through singing. He also kindly tried to greet the supporters with the green oversize color.
This moment is very rare. Last season, Jacksen came with Barito Putera to Persebaya headquarters. They succeeded in stealing points from this stadium and there were no sessions singing Song for Pride together.
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