Acting Aremania, Yuli Sugianto aka Yuli Sumpil, fell from the stands after the Persija Jakarta match against Arema FC at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta, Saturday (08/03/2019) afternoon.

Several Arema players, Arthur Cunha, Dendi Santoso and others, helped the conductor to the ambulance to be rushed to the hospital.
Arema FC coach Milomir Seslija was saddened by Yuli's experience. Milo said, a 2-2 draw at Persija was actually a celebration for Aremania.
"One point is we dedicate to him (Yuli Sumpil) to get well soon," Milo said.
a number of Aremania said Yuli was in a state of exhaustion. The Aremania delegation from Malang just arrived in Jakarta on Saturday morning.
After going through a day trip, he did not have time to rest because the Persija versus Arema match was held in the afternoon.
"Aremania is very extraordinary in providing support throughout the game. So I hope that nothing serious happens. Once again hopefully get well soon, "continued the Arema FC coach from Bosnia.
Yuli fainted when she was put in an ambulance. Now, his condition is conscious.
In the match this afternoon, Aremania got a quota of 4 thousand tickets. Supporters from Malang and other places felt called to provide support on SUGBK.
Aremania also has good relations with The Jakmania. So, there are two missions brought in that fight. In addition to supporting Arema, they also connected with the Persija fan.
Conduct Post Aremania Experiencing Falling Incident From Bung Karno's Jakarta Tribune was shown earlier at MIX Berita Bola. .

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