Persib Bandung swallowed a painful defeat when serving Barito Putera at the Demang Lehman Stadium, Martapura, Sunday (04/08/2019).

In the match of Week 12 of the 2019 League Shopee, Persib lost through Ady Kurniawan's injury time goal.
Persib played offensively because of hunting points after slumping at home to Arema FC in the previous week. At the beginning of the first half, Robert Alberts' foster children created three opportunities.
The match went tough. Barito Putera also provided fierce resistance. Evan Dimas created the first opportunity in the 26th minute. However, the ball kicked Evan still soaring.
Both teams attack each other. However, until the first half ended, the position was still 0-0. Statistics of the first round showed, Barito Putera was superior in possession with a percentage of 56 to 44.
The second half, the match is still running tight. Barito Putera took down Samsul Arif replacing Gavin Kwan Adsit in the 64th minute. Previously, Gavin got a yellow card after breaking Hariono.
Both teams are still struggling to score. Ezechiel Ndouassel was in a hurry to execute the rebound shot in the 65th minute. Meanwhile, Barito Putera's counter-attack was often broken by Persib's back line.
Barito Putera players again committed violations. After Gavin Kwan and Rafael Silva, it was Ady Setiawan's turn to get a yellow card from referee Nusur Fadillah for doing a hard tackle on Ardi Idrus.
Entering the 80th minute, the situation is still the same. Both teams often dwell in midfield. Persib several times was able to threaten the goal of the Barito Putera escorted by Aditya Harlan. However, no goal was created.
Towards injury time, Made Wirawan brushed aside a long-range ball from Rony. Barito's two chances in the final minute also failed to be maximized into goals. The score of Barito Putera versus Persib Bandung is still 0-0.
The game entered the 90th minute. Disasters for Persib arrived. Again, concentration became a weakness of Maung Bandung in the final minutes.
Persib conceded in the 90th minute + 3. Gawang Made Wirawan broke down after Barito Putera got a chance from a set piece. Samsul Arif executed a free kick, the ball was welcomed by Ady Setiawan who was not guarded in front of the mouth of the Persib goal.
Ady then gore the ball and into the left corner of goalkeeper Made Wirawan. Not long after, the referee ended the fight. Thus, Barito Putera won three points.
Arrangement of Players
Barito Putera (4-3-3): Aditya Harlan (goalkeeper); Nazar Nurzaidin, Monim Donni Haroid, Dandi Maulana, Ady Setiawan (back); Roni Beroperay, Bayu Pradana, Evan Dimas (center): Gavin Kwan Adsit, Rafael Silva, Rizki Pora (front).
Coach: Yunan Helmi
Persib Bandung (4-3-2-1): Made Wirawan (goalkeeper); Supardi, Bojan Malisic, Achmad Jufriyanto, Ardi Idrus (back); Hariono, Esteban Vizcarra, Dedi Kusnandar (center); Febri Hariyadi, Ghozali Siregar, Ezechiel Ndouassel (front).
Coach: Robert Alberts
Barito Putera's Post Successfully Scores Last Minute Score Against Persib in League 1 Shopee shown earlier at MIX News Ball. .

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