Manchester City won the Community Shield. Maybe the results will be different if Kyle Walker did not sweep the ball from Mohamed Salah's header at the end of the match.

In the match held at the Wembley Stadium on Sunday (4/7/2019) night WIB, City dominated the first half and they were ahead in the 12th minute through Raheem Sterling. The match seems to be City's if you see opportunities for the opportunities that are obtained.
Even at the start of the second half, Sterling almost scored at the start but failed. After that, Liverpool regained control of the match and created opportunities after opportunities until finally Joel Matip was able to break Claudio Bravo's net in the 75th minute.
In the last ten minutes of the match, Liverpool really went down and beat City. BBC noted there were a total of 17 attempts released by Liverpool, with eight on goals. While City only released eight attempts, three were on target.
Liverpool almost ended the normal time as a winner if Salah's chance in the 93rd minute was not foiled by Walker. False did a solo run and his shot was blocked by the City defender, but the throwing ball was headed to the empty goal.
Walker ran quickly to catch the ball and managed to sweep it right in front of the goal line. Bravo's goal was safe and the match continued to the high-tosan round which was won with a score of 5-4.
Naturally, if Walker deserved praise thanks to his heroic action because Liverpool could have won with a score of 2-1. But, Walker said this trophy was only the beginning of the City mission to sweep away domestic competition like last season.
Posts Thanks to Kyle Walker, Manchester City Winning the Community Shield was shown earlier at MIX News Ball. .

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