– Indonesia's Independence Day which falls on Saturday, August 17, 2019 is just a matter of days away.
The government has also completed the logo with the theme Towards Superior Indonesia.
On this independence day, not a few people will send remarks or just update the status of Independence Day as a form of reminder.
The 17th moment is a reminder of the struggle of the heroes of the nation who have been fighting for the freedom of their children and grandchildren from the invaders.
Not surprisingly, on Indonesia's birthday there are many celebrations carried out by all people in all corners of the archipelago.
As it became a tradition, various kinds of competitions were held in various circles to enliven Independence Day.
To join in celebrating Independence Day, let's look at the following line of speech that we summarized from various sources.
1. Let's remember all the heroes of the past who fought for our independence and unity.
Happy 74th Independence Day RI!
2. A thousand parents can only dream.
One young person can change the world.
Long Live the Republic of Indonesia!
3. Apart from being free from colonialism, Indonesian independence is a celebration of the united differences.
Happy 74th birthday to my Indonesia!
4. Make your shoulders strong like steel.
Because there are still many Sodas we still need a place to lean on.
Long Live Indonesia!
5. Independence is not a sign to stop fighting, but a sign to fight harder.
6. There is still a speck of hope, a dream that we keep.
There are still ideals that we can share.
Independence is not merely a ritual, but a place to build a nation.
7. The red and white fluttering saka.
Looks beautiful waving.
Our fighting spirit continues to blaze.
for a prosperous and peaceful Indonesia.
8. This independence is not a gift from the Netherlands.
This independence is not obtained for free.
This independence is a drop of blood of the nation's fighters.
Appreciate the results of the struggles of people before us for the future of our children and grandchildren.
9. Maintaining what has been given by the heroes is really not easy.
Merdeka is not only a status without colonialism.
Freedom is how we are committed to creating change.
Happy Birthday Indonesia!
10. May true independence always be for all Indonesian people!
11. A nation that does not believe in its strength as a nation cannot stand as an independent nation. Happy 74th Republic of Indonesia Anniversary!
12. Now we can laugh satisfied.
Achieve dreams freely.
Originally diligent and not lazy.
Firmly continuing independence.
My Long Live Indonesia!
13. The fate of our nation will not change. If we don't change it.
Let's fight together.
Improve yourself to be beneficial for the country.
Once independent, still independent!
14. The struggle of the Indonesian nation is not only from the past.
Today, tomorrow and forever.
Our struggle is not over yet.
Let's fight together with Indonesia just and prosperous.
Long Live Indonesia.
15. Pain in the struggle is only temporary.
But if you give up, the pain will be felt forever.
Posting Collection of Speeches and Stickers for RI Anniversary August 17, 2019, RI's 74th Independence Day was shown early on MIX News Bola. .

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