Banjarmasin – It didn't take long for Djadjang Nurdjaman to get a new club. After being fired by Persebaya Surabaya, he was confirmed to be Barito Putera's coach.

The certainty was conveyed directly by Barito Putera's manager, Hasnuryadi Sulaiman, through his personal social media account on Wednesday night (8/21/2019).
Masha Allah. Alhamdullilah Thank you Coach Djanur. Please pray, Pian-Pian, hopefully Barito Putera can achieve better, "Hasnuryadi wrote in a photo caption of his handshaking with Djadjang Nurdjaman.
In the photo also seen the coach who is familiarly called Djanur exhibited a letter, which is likely a contract letter.
However, it is not yet known how long the Djanur contract is in Barito Putera.
The official social media account of Barito Putera has also announced the certainty of Djanur being coach of Evan Dimas et al.
"Welcome Djadjang Nurdjaman. Congratulations on joining Coach Djanur in the Barito Putera extended family, "the Banjarmasin-based club wrote on Wednesday night.
Djanur lost the job of head coach of Persebaya on Saturday night (10/8/2019), or just hours after Bajul Ijo's team was arrested 2-2 by Madura United at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium, Surabaya.
Bajul Ijo previously had a series of poor results in 2019 in League 1. From 13 matches, Ruben Sanadi et al. posted four wins, six draws and three defeats. They also appear inconsistent.
Djanur after that was immediately linked to a position at Barito Putera. The reason is, since releasing Jacksen F. Tiago from the position of head coach on June 22, 2019, Laskar Antasari is still held by Yunan Helmi who is only a temporary trainer.
At the beginning of the Yunan Helmi era, Barito Putera had experienced a performance improvement. However, the recent performance of Bayu Pradana cs. in League 1 2019 back down with three successive defeats.
Djadjang Nurdjaman's post began training Barito Putra after being fired from Persebaya Surabaya, shown earlier at MIX Berita Bola. .

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