Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp stressed the importance of staring at each match one by one. For him, the next match is always the most important.

The Reds drove ahead at the start of the 2019/20 Premier League by sweeping away the first three matches. Klopp equals a record of 12 consecutive wins in the league and has the opportunity to set a new record with 13 consecutive wins.
Saturday (8/31/2019) tonight, Liverpool will visit Burnley FC with the mission. Nevertheless, for Klopp the game was only one of the matches that had been waiting for Liverpool.
He knows this season will be very important in the effort to win the Premier League trophy.
For Klopp, whatever the fight, big or small, there are still only three possible scenarios: Win, draw or lose. Every week Liverpool run the same, a difficult match against a team that wants to beat them.
"However this is still a soccer match and there are three possible scenarios. My favorite is winning, you can also get one point, and unfortunately you can also lose, "said Klopp at
"We at least have to anticipate all three can happen but we can influence it with our performance."
"So we only think about performance, what we can do and how we can fight other teams," he continued
Furthermore, Klopp explained the big challenges each time facing certain opponents. Analysis of the match is important, but can't really determine what kind of opponent they will face.
"We can try to analyze other teams but you only see them playing against other teams and not against us, so what are the special things we can do so they cannot be 100 percent ready to face us? That's the picture of our week, "Klopp continued.
"We never counted the number of points we got in the last 12 matches or thought about the number of points we could get in the next 20 matches. Really, only about one opponent, "he concluded.

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