Two successive defeats swallowed by the Indonesian national team in the second round of the 2022 World Cup Qualification Asian Zone. Most recently, the Garuda squad was defeated 0-3 by Thailand at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (09/10/2019).

Five days before, the Indonesian national team surrendered 2-3 from Malaysia. In fact, in the party, Simon McMenemy's troops were able to excel twice.
These two defeats made Simon Out's insistence echo immediately at SUGBK. Even so disappointed, supporters of the Indonesian national team also cheered Andritany Ardhiyasa and his friends.
Urged to retreat by supporters, Simon reacts. This Scottish architect gives supporters the freedom to argue.
"Everyone has an opinion, of course supporters also have an opinion. I represent 250 million people here and maybe not all of them have the same opinion as me, "Simon said.
Simon admitted that he was surprised by the scorn of Indonesian national team supporters. From the start, he had also predicted that he would be under pressure.
"I know this is football, something like this I already knew would happen like this. Then what worries me is the reputation and expectations outside. We know we play home and when the players are yelled at by supporters themselves, when they come out and fight and play earlier, they know the struggle is very good, huh, "said Simon.
"Don't forget that the player came out against one of the best players in the Japanese League. And don't forget that the player is still meeting season in Indonesia with such a busy schedule, huh? "
"A little bit surprised at the scorn from supporters. But I believe with my ability, I truly believe, but the reality outside of that expectation is sometimes unrealistic. If for example it is realistic maybe let's try it, but if for example supporters complain why don't we win the World Cup, maybe we are not on the same planet, "he added.
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