Premier League Prediction – Liverpool are claimed to be very lucky to have players like Virgil van Dijk. Without the 28-year-old central defender, the Reds are thought to have the hassle to simply penetrate the top four.
Premier League 2019/20 has passed the age of five matches. So far, only Liverpool are still perfect with five wins. Jurgen Klopp's troops are enthroned at the top of the standings.
Liverpool's superiority is also considered due to the difficulties of Manchester City, the rival. The defending champion is still trailing in second place with 10 points.
Man City still seems to be having trouble coping with the Aymeric Laporte injury.
New season for corn, Pep Guardiola has had to face a big problem with Laporte's long injury. Man City's mainstay center back is thought to be sidelined until the end of the year.
Premier League analyst Jamie Redknapp believes the absence of Laporte is very detrimental to Man CIty. Of course, on the other hand, Liverpool benefited from Laporte's long injury.
"This [cedera panjang Laporte], for me, making Liverpool a favorite of champions now. They are five points ahead and the season is still so long, "Redknapp told Sky Sports.
"Sorry I keep saying this, but you have injury for up to six months for one of your best players."
"This condition is the same as pulling Virgil van Dijk from the line of four Liverpool defenders, in my opinion," he continued.
According to Redknapp, Van Dijk's loss would make Liverpool inconvenience to simply penetrate the top four. That's what happened to Man City without Laporte.
"That's what we witnessed. "If you pull Van Dijk from Liverpool, they will only be a team that is struggling to penetrate the top four," continued Redknapp.
"If you put him in the team, 97 points in the league last year, the Champions League champions. That is the difference that Laporte has also made for Man City, "he concluded.
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