PABJI – The 2019 PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Tournament will be held again.
Last spring, the initial PMCO 2019 was a success with 20,000 participants from various countries. Now, PUBG Mobile is ready to hold a professional tournament between teams from various countries with a total prize of 2.5 million USD.
The next event will be titled PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019 or the fall tournament.
Through the tournament, James Yang, as the director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, wanted to give the greatest appreciation to the PUBG game lovers.
"PMCO 2019 comes as a form of our appreciation to lovers of PUBG Mobile, especially PMCO 2019 is a form of our commitment to continue to develop and facilitate the best talents from various countries. As well as to support the development of the world e-sport ecosystem in the world. With various updates, we hope to provide a better competition experience with a high spirit of sportsmanship, "said James Yang.
Participants who will participate must go through the Group qualification process which will be conducted online on September 24 2019 to September 27 2019. In the group qualification round, there are a total of 32 teams, each from the 16 PMCO final teams last summer and 16 other teams from the online qualification stage.
After passing the group qualification round, the participants will proceed to more difficult stages. Later, as many as 24 of the best teams from the qualifying rounds of the group will be selected to advance to the semi-final stages which will be held early October 2019.
Then, the 16 best teams from the semifinal will advance to the regional final stage which will be held mid-October to November 2019. After that, the champions of each region will advance to represent their respective regions in the final round of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Autumn tournament 2019 which will be held in December 2019.
New Rules
In the 2019 Fall Split PMCO event there were several renewal of the qualification system, namely India, Bangladesh, Nepal and surrounding countries will be incorporated in the South Asia region. While the countries of the Middle East and North Africa will be incorporated in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).
Not only that, new rules will also be applied to the points system that is optimized for the balance between strategy and shooting ability. So, the winner of Chicken Dinner no longer gets 30 points, but only 20.
Then ranks two and three each get 14 and 10 points. Later, the number of points will be added to the acquisition of kills during the match.
Post of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Tournament held again, the Total Prize of Rp35 billion was displayed earlier on MIX News Bola. .

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