Arema FC striker, Sylvano Comvalius, appeared different in a training session at the Gajayana Stadium, Malang City, Monday (10/14/2019) afternoon. The 32-year-old Dutchman cut his hair out.

Only the thick beard was still maintained. Since at Arema, Comvalius has never performed with a bald head. Usually he leaves thin hair at the top.
There is an assumption if he is dumping bad luck. The goal is that productivity continues to improve because in the last fight he had ended the goal drought by breaking down the Makassar PSM goal at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, on 2 October.
The goal is the fifth goal he scored this season, certainly quite minimal for foreign strikers who have won the top scorer League League 2017 2017 ago. However, when confirmed related changes in hair style, Comvalius apparently had a simple reason.
"Tomorrow we will go to the Makassar PSM enclosure. After that go straight to Persipura and Tira Persikabo cages. This means that there are three consecutive away games. So, I don't want to have trouble shaving my hair later and I make it this way, "he explained.
Comvalius does have a regular barber shop in Malang. When diving away games, he worries not finding a barbershop that suits his taste. So, for a while he used a bald hairstyle to face three consecutive away games.
As is known, Comvalius including players who are very concerned about appearance. Some time ago he had appeared with a golden beard, the same as he did when defending Bali United two years ago. The plan, if he succeeded in bringing Arema this season's champion, he would color his beard in blue.
Sylvano Comvalius' post cut out of his hair was shown early on the Football News MIX. .

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