South Korea's national team player, Son Heung-min, is undeniably the most famous player in the soccer stage of the State of Ginseng and even Asia. Globally, his work with Tottenham Hostpur also made him known throughout the world.

However, exceptions can occur in North Korea. When the South Korean national team travels to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, the pressure from the defender to host is the only concern he will receive.
As is known, the results of the second round of the 2022 World Cup qualifying put two countries, politically hot, South and North Korea, in one group, namely Group H.
Practically, the two teams must take turns visiting each other in home and away matches. On Tuesday (10/15/2019), South Korea, which was allocated a visit to the North Korean headquarters.
Speaking of Son Heung-min, the Premier League might be the most sparkling universal league, known in all corners of the world, South Korea is no exception.
However, very few communities in North Korea have followed the latest development of the top caste competition in Britain, one of which is due to international isolation.
"I think North Korean fans don't know much about Son Heung-min, but (North Korean) players know him," said An Yong-hak, a former North Korean player.
Compared to the South Korean national team with star-studded Asian level to the world, the majority of residents of North Korea's squad are not famous players who only play in the domestic league. However, they train every day to prove stronger as a team than their rivals.
"Fans in Pyongyang are waiting for this fight. "It's not just a matter of his opponents, but this is an important World Cup qualifying match and if you win it, it will be an amazing result," An added.
South Korea versus North match at the Kim Il-sung Stadium, Pyongyang, this will be historic. This is the first away match of the South Korea squad to the north since the last time in October 1990 in a friendly match.
Attention was increasingly drawn because of the departure of Son Heung-min et al. to Pyongyang accompanied by rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula with the recent North Korean missile launch.
"It's a big stadium. The North Korean people are fond of football and will definitely enliven the stadium, "An said regarding the Kim Il-sung Stadium, an action venue that is the pride of North Korea.
Not to mention talking match statistics. Both North and South Korea currently collect six points from two Group H qualifying matches, South Korea winning the difference over North and topping the standings.
For the record meeting between the two teams, the South Korean national team has won seven matches so far, eight matches ended in a draw, and one defeat from North Korea.
Five of the last seven meetings have resulted in a draw, and South Korea has only managed to score three goals from those seven matches.
Don't compare this duel to another match. For those involved, this North versus South match is considered a metaphor for the "Korean war", as Jung De-han acknowledged.
Jung grew up in North Korea, dreaming of becoming a professional footballer before finally escaping to South Korea where he now plays for an amateur club. He insisted he would defend South Korea in the match later.
"This is more than a football match; this is a Korean war metaphor, "said Jung.
"South Korea may have an advantage in individual skills, but North Korea will reward it with great teamwork. If Kim Jong-un comes to watch the match, this is a life and death match for North Korea, because victory is the lead's victory, "said Jung.
"It's an away match that makes us nervous in an area we don't know, and Pyongyang residents have been pressing us since arriving at the airport," said Kim Joo-sung, a former South Korean national team midfielder, South Korea's sole goal scorer while undergoing an away trip to Pyongyang in 1990 .
The match was eventually won by North Korea by a score of 2-1, but Kim said he did not regret the defeat because his team wanted to provide "an opportunity for peace".
In accordance with AFC and FIFA regulations, North Korea as the host is required to play the national anthem of South Korea (Aegukga) with the "flying" the South Korean flag (Taegukgi) in the stadium. This will also be history because so far such rituals rarely occur in North Korea.
For decades, North Korea refused to host matches against South Korea, instead of moving their home matches to neutral locations such as China.
The South Korean squad, including Song Heung-min, left Seoul for Pyongyang via Beijing with confidence. The team made by Paulo Bento is trying to separate things outside the context of sportsmanship values ​​in sports.
Paulo Bento actually wants his team to depart by crossing the land border (DMZ) to save time.
However, it was rejected by North Korea so the South Korean National Team entourage had to go to Beijing, take an entry visa to North Korea, and spend the night in the Chinese capital. The Taeguk Warriors plan to stay one night in Pyongyang and return to Beijing.
Before leaving Beijing for Pyongyang, the whole group from South Korea was asked to hand over their cellphones, which they could later retrieve after arriving in Beijing again.
South Korean journalists are also not permitted to join the group to do reporting to North Korea. Likewise supporters of the Taeguk Warriors are prohibited from coming and supporting directly in Pyongyang.
In addition, this duel will not be broadcast live.
"What we think is back with three points," said Lee Jae-sung, "the South Korean national team midfielder.
"There is no fear. "There are always difficult away games, like to Tukmenistan, Lebanon and Iran, and we don't think this will be more difficult than that," Lee added.
Tottenham Hostpur's post made Son Heung-min known throughout the world, but Unknown in North Korea was featured earlier on the Soccer News MIX. .

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