Massimiliano Allegri is a candidate for Manchester United's manager if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is fired. Allegri has prepared a plan that will be carried out if he gets a contract from the management of the Red Devils.

Solskjaer has not been able to provide a positive achievement for Manchester United since becoming a permanent manager in March 2019. United's away record has been very poor since Solskjaer's side, eleven consecutive games have never won.
Not only that, Solskjaer also brought Manchester United to a bad record at the start of the 2019/2020 season. United only won nine points from eight matches. The worst record in the past 30 years.
The threat of dismissal for Solskjaer began to develop after United lost to Newcastle United on 6 October. However, from the news circulating in a number of British media, Solskjaer's position is still safe until the end of October.
A number of names mentioned entered in the prospective new manager of Manchester United, if the club's achievements under Solskjaer's control did not reverse either. Massimiliani Allegri became the most powerful candidate to be recruited for a club based at Old Trafford.
Allegri is not currently under a contract with any club. The Italian coach also has a good reputation while still training in Italy. Allegri once won a scudetto while training at AC Milan and Juventus.
One other important point, Allegri has learned English. He had prepared himself well to be able to work in England. Allegri is also said to be interested in becoming the new manager of the Red Devils.
Massimiliano Allegri has two initial conditions regarding coaching staff if appointed as Manchester United manager. Allegri, quoted from Metro, wants to include two coaching staff to be his right hand namely: Patrice Evra and Marco Landucci.
Patrice Evra will be assigned to be the first team coach. Allegri once coached Evra at Juventus. Meanwhile, Evra himself has played for Juventus and is part of the club's heyday in the past.
Marco Landucci is no stranger to Allegri's career. He is a trustee of the 52-year-old coach. Marco Landucci has worked with Allegri since at AC Milan. While at Juventus, Marco Landucci was assigned as assistant coach.
Meanwhile, Allegri also does not want to be hung by United. He will await the offer until December 2019. If this deadline passes, then Allegri will open up opportunities to train in other teams.
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