– League 1 2019 which is being stopped due to FIFA Match Day schedule is used by Madura United to hold trials. Satria Tama et al. face PS. Unitomo Surabaya at the Gelora Bangkalan Stadium (SGB), Monday (10/14/2019).
For the training team, the trial was intended to keep the students competing in mind. Because the last time Madura United played on October 5, 2019 (vs Persib).
While oitu, the next match will roll on October 20, 2019, namely vs. Semen Padang.
"Maintaining the rhythm of the players who in the last two matches have minimal chance of competition. In terms of tactics and strategy they already understand, it is necessary to maintain their physical fitness condition by undergoing a trial match, "said Rasiman, coach of Madura United.
At present, Rasiman is indeed trying to consolidate the strength of Madura United. He hopes to make his team appear consistent.
The second position in the 2019 League 1 with 38 points is expected Rasiman to survive. Karenda has found it difficult to overtake Bali United at the top with 48 points, at least he does not want to be overtaken by the clubs below him who are currently stalking, like Tira Persikabo.
Posting FIFA Match Day, Madura United Holds Trial Match displayed early on MIX Soccer News. .

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