Liverpool – Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk is known as one of the players who chose to use his first name as the back name in his costume, rather than the last name as usual.
Uncle Virgil van Dijk, Steven Fo Sieeuw, opens the bitter story behind the rise of one of the most expensive defenders in the world. Van Dijk is said to be reluctant to put his last name on the jersey because he was left behind by his father when he was a child.
"Virgil has struggled very well to be successful. He remembers the ups and downs in his family, "Fo Sieew was quoted as saying by The Sun, Friday (10/18/2019).
"His father separated from his mother and three children, including Virgil, and he found it difficult to forgive him."
"His father has not been there for many important years and his mother is a true hero of this story," added Fo Sieew.
The family feud continued when Virgil moved to Liverpool. The father thinks is still instrumental in the early career of Virgil van Dijk.
He accused his ex-wife's family of taking an interest in Virgil van Dijk's soccer career lately. Moreover, the value of Van Dijk's transfer when digaet Liverpool is very large, reaching 75 million euros (Rp1, 18 trillion).
Worked as a Dishwasher
After being left by his father, Van Dijk's football career began by leaving his hometown, Breda, the Netherlands in 2006. At that time Van Dijk was only 15 years old and joined the academy of the Dutch top league club Willem II.
However, before that Van Dijk had to divide his time by being an employee in one of the restaurants as a dishwasher.
"Before I signed the contract, when I was 15 years old, I worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant in the City of Breda," Van Dijk said.
After that, Virgil van Dijk decided to move to FC Groning in 2010. While there, Van Dijk went to the training ground on a bicycle.
"When I arrived at FC Groningen, I had to ride a bicycle to go to the training ground. I used my salary to take a driving course, "explained Van Dijk.
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