Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford was delighted to see Anthony Martial graze again. Rashford said that the French striker gave additional options in United's attacking line at the moment.

Martial was almost two months out in the Manchester United squad. He suffered an injury during the match against Crystal Palace so Rashford had to work alone in United's attack line.
In the past two weeks, Rashford has recovered from his injury. He has even packed two goals in the last four games that he played with the Red Devils.
Rashford claimed Martial's presence really helped him in United's attacking line. "If you get help when you play as a center forward, then the situation isn't too bad," Rashford told Sky Sports.
Rashford on this occasion also admitted that he had experienced difficulties when Martial was absent from United's squad. That's why he had fast scored a goal for quite a long time.
"As a center forward, you can build connections with other players and you can run to the middle, so you can play better."
"But sometimes when you play as a lone attacker, and you don't get good support, then you will experience difficulties for 90 minutes."
Rashford acknowledged that Martial's current presence really boosted MU's performance and he was confident he could score more goals with his team-mates.
"He [Martial] really miss this team. As player no. 9, it will be easier for you if you have a good tandem, and we are currently undergoing a good period. "
"Right now we play good football, and I'm sure we can make goals and help each other. That's what we are trying to do as a tandem. "He stressed.
Rashford and Martial themselves will most likely return to play together on the weekend.
Both will be relied on by Solskjaer when they host Brighton & Hove Albion at Old Trafford.
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