An advice given by Denis Suarez to Carles Alena. The former Barcelona player thinks that Alena should immediately move from Camp Nou to save his career.

Alena itself is one of the talented young players owned by Barcelona. He is a dropout from the famous academy El Blaugrana, La Masia.
But throughout this season, a tragic fate befell the midfielder. He does not get enough playing hours, because Barca have many top midfielders in their midfield.
Suarez considered that if this situation continued, then Alena's great talent would be wasted. "Alena is still young and she did not get the minutes of play she hoped for," Suarez said.
Suarez believes that Barcelona is currently not a good place to hone his skills. For that he suggested Alena to switch clubs.
"Barca are a team that has many extraordinary talents. They have the best midfielders in their midfield. "
"With so many excellent midfielders, he has to make a decision, whether he will gamble on defense or decide to go on loan or permanent."
Suarez admitted that leaving a club as big as Barcelona would certainly cause inner conflict for Alena. But he believes that his juniors can get a better life than in Barcelona.
"I know it's like not playing for a season and it's not a pleasant feeling. Every player wants to play and I know what it's like to play every week, and although things don't always end well, playing makes me happy. "
"He [Alena] have to make a decision but I will tell him that Barca is not everything in football. He can go, then play well and then return to this team. Or he can do something else, which is to defend, start to get a chance and win a place in this team. We never know what will happen. "He stressed
With her great talent, Alena is reported to have gotten many offers.
One of the big European teams who are interested in signing him is AC Milan.
Denis Suarez's post advised Carles Alena to leave Barcelona for the sake of her goodness shown earlier on MIX Soccer News. .

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