COM – Ryan Giggs is reported to have reopened his heart and is in a relationship with a DJ and sexy model, Helen Stelling Holt, who is 15 years younger than him.
Mirror reported, his second relationship began when Holt became a mandatory performer who was often invited to appear at Old Trafford Stadium at company events.
Speculation of a special relationship between the two had indeed arisen when the two came to the marriage of colleague Ryan Giggs while at Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand in September.
Aside from being a DJ, Helen, who has nearly 10,000 followers on her personal Instagram account, often appears as a model to fill her free time.
Not only that, he is a promotion manager at Menagerie Restaurant, Manchester, which is actually a famous and popular restaurant among celebrities located in the north of England.
Reportedly, the relationship between the two has intensified in recent weeks. Helen even came to watch the match between Manchester United against Partizan Belgrade in the Europa League on Thursday (7/11/19).
A source said, "Helen is very popular in Cheshire. She was a beautiful girl and, like Ryan Giggs, she maintained a healthy body. He regularly plays sports in the game and has an amazing body. "
News about this relationship as well as happy news for the Wales national team coach after his divorce from his wife, Stacey. The two separated in 2016 after Giggs was found having an affair.
Helen Stelling Holt's post, DJ and New Girlfriends Sexy Model Ryan Giggs was featured earlier on MIX Soccer News. .

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