Serie A club Juventus are starting to draft their transfer plans this summer. The Old Lady was reportedly going to prioritize the transfer of Sandro Tonali from Brescia.

Since last season, the name Tonali is often discussed in Italy. The 19-year-old midfielder is considered to be the brain of the success of Brescia promotion to Serie A this season.
Tonali's ability to get recognition from many parties. At a very young age, he has been called up to defend the Italian Senior National Team under the leadership of Roberto Mancini.
Goal International claims that the development of Tonali is currently being observed by Juventus. The Old Lady is said to be chasing Tonali next summer.
According to the report, Juventus recruited Tonali to anticipate a hole in their midfield.
They are in danger of losing some of their midfielders. There is a name Adrien Rabiot who wants to leave in January.
Miralem Pjanic's figure was also reportedly being sought after by some of the top clubs so Tonali would be an option if the two midfielders left.
Juventus itself reportedly began to move to bid for Tonali.
Juventus plans to pursue the midfielder at the end of the season. They know Brescia will not release the midfielder in the middle of the season.
Juventus plans to release an offer of 50 million Euros for the young Brescia talent.
Juventus certainly not the only interested Sandro Tonali.
Manchester United and Inter Milan are reportedly serious about chasing Tonali from Brescia.
Juventus Post Prioritizes Transfer of Sandro Tonali shown early on MIX News Football. .

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