Jakarta – Arsenal still haven't appointed a permanent manager after firing Unai Emery. There is the name of Freddie Ljungberg who became a temporary coach. Arsenal called the middle of auditing 12 names to become a new manager.
Unai Emery failed to provide a good enough performance as an Arsenal manager. Last season, they failed to make it into the top four in the Premier League. Arsenal entered the Europa League final, but failed to win.
In the 2019/2020 season, Arsenal's performance remained inconsistent. Unai Emery is also faced with a variety of complicated problems. Starting from the relationship with the player and the demands of fans so that he immediately fired.
In the end, Unai Emery was fired by Arsenal two weeks ago. After the Spanish manager was fired, the Gunners are called close to many names to become a new manager. Freddie Ljungberg is still a temporary manager.
Quoted from The Mirror, Arsenal do not want to make the wrong move related to his new manager. Therefore, the Gunners are not in a hurry in determining a new manager. There are many names that are being audited by the North London club.
Arsenal are approaching 12 new manager candidates, substitute Unai Emery. The Mirror did not mention the names of the 12 managers. However, they mentioned several names that might be on the list.
Mikel Arteta is one of them. He now still serves as Pep Guardiola's assistant at Manchester City. Arteta once defended Arsenal as a player. Arteta is considered to have a good understanding of tactics.
In addition, Brendan Rodgers and Massimiliano Allegri were also included in the list. Allegri is not currently under contract with any club. Meanwhile, Rodgers has a contract with Leicester, but there is a release clause.
Brendan Rodgers was later called a strong candidate. Arsenal have a chance to hijack him from Leicester City. The Gunners must pay 14 million pounds as compensation to redeem Rodgers contract.
However, other reports mention Mauricio Pochettino who became the main candidate. Pochettino has just been fired from Tottenham and has not yet coached any club. Arsenal called seriously approaching Pochettino.
There is one obstacle for Arsenal if they want to bring Pochettino. The man from Argentina has a special clause with Tottenham, is prohibited from moving to other Premier League clubs, especially Arsenal.
Arsenal must negotiate with Daniel Levy to be able to use the services of Pochettino.
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