A statement made by Fabio Paratici. The Juventus Sports Director stressed that his team still had full trust in Maurizio Sarri's figure as team captain.

This season, Juventus make a change of head coach. They appointed Maurizio Sarri as the new manager of the Old Lady after Massimiliano Allegri resigned in the summer.
As Allegri's successor, Sarri received the same target, which was to win the Serie A title this season. But lately the position of Juventus at the top of the standings was overtaken by Inter Milan.
Paratici insisted that his team did not plan to fire Sarri just because they were overtaken by Inter. "We trust him [Sarri] completely, "Paratici explained to Tuttosport.
Paratitci considered that from the beginning his team had full confidence in Sarri because of his proven abilities.
"The last few years, he had made us difficult with Napoli and we have experienced how good he is."
"He also managed to play beautiful football at Chelsea, despite the extremely difficult environment in the Premier League. I don't think it's easy for a foreign manager to play football like that in England. "
Paratici insisted that his side believed Sarri was still the right figure for Juventus. For that he believes the coach can bring the Old Lady to defend their Scudetto title at the end of the season.
"He managed to finish third [di EPL] and won the Europa League. Because of these factors we see him as an ideal figure as coach of Juventus from the start. "
"He has always been our first choice and we always believe in him," he stressed.
Juventus will play a difficult match on the weekend.
They will face Lazio on Sunday (8/12) early morning.
Juventus Post Still Believe Maurizio Sarri As Team Coach displayed early on MIX News Football. .

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