Jakarta – The 2020 League 1 competition will take place starting February 29, 2020. The average club has already completed trading transactions for players and is now putting itself up to be ready to compete with other participants.
Defending champion Bali United has by far the most expensive team. This can be seen from the ranking carried out monitoring world transfer page monitoring, Transfermarkt. This page regularly updates the market value of the players, as well as their teams. The market value is not the original price of the player, but their current estimated price on the transfer market.
According to Transfermarkt, the Bali United squad currently has the highest market value in League 1, reaching 5.58 million euros (Rp. 83.1 billion). The team, among others, has Brwa Nouri who has a market value of up to 600 thousand euros (Rp. 8.9 billion) and Stefano Lilipaly which has a market value of up to 425 thousand euros (Rp. 6.3 billion).
The team in second place on the list is Bhayangkara FC. The entire team squad is considered to have a market value of 5 million euros (74.5 billion rupiah).
Persija Jakarta, Arema FC, and Persib Bandung are second to fifth. Last season's League 1 runner-up, Persebaya Surabaya, finished only ninth. While the 2019 Indonesian League champions are seventh. The three teams that have just been promoted, Persik Kediri, Persita Tangerang, and Persiraja Banda Aceh are at the bottom of the list.
Ranking the Skud Club League 1 Market value in 2020
1. Bali United: 5.58 million euros (Rp. 83.1 billion)
2. Bhayangkara FC: 5 million euros (IDR 74.5 billion)
3. Persija Jakarta: 4.95 million euros (Rp. 73.8 billion)
4. Arema FC: 4.38 million euros (Rp. 85.3 billion)
5. Persib Bandung: 4.30 million euros (Rp. 64.1 billion)
6. Tira Persikabo: 4.28 million euros (Rp 63.8 billion)
7. Makassar PSM: 4.25 million euros (Rp 63.3 billion)
8. Madura United: 4.18 million euros (Rp. 62.3 billion)
9. Persebaya Surabaya: 4.10 million euros (Rp. 61.1 billion)
10. Borneo FC: 3.23 million euros (Rp. 48.1 billion)
11. Barito Putera: 3.20 million euros (Rp. 47.7 billion)
12. PSIS Semarang: 3.15 million euros (Rp.46.9 billion)
13. Persipura Jayapura: 3.05 million euros (IDR 45.4 billion)
14. Sleman PSS: 2.78 million euros (Rp.41.4 billion)
15. Persela Lamongan: 2.78 million euros (Rp.41.4 billion)
16. Peach Kediri: 1.43 million euros (Rp. 21.3 billion)
17. Persita Tangerang: 1.40 million euros (Rp. 20.8 billion)
18. Persiraja Banda Aceh: 1 million euros (Rp. 14.9 billion). .

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